Our Review Of The Original (Formerly “Hitachi”) Magic Wand Massager – Is It The Best Wand Massager?

When it comes to personal massagers, there is one that is crowned king, or if you prefer, queen: The Original (formerly “Hitachi”) Magic Wand Massager.

So, we would be remiss as a review site, if we didn’t feature the undisputed champion of vibrators. And in this review, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about, from history to the nuts and bolts (feel free to use the table of contents below if you’d like to jump directly to a specific section of this review).

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Magic Wand Original Cordless Magic Wand

Let’s jump in…

A Little History: What’s the Deal with the “Hitachi” and “Original” Labels?

This no-so-little magical vibrator has actually been around for decades.

It was created in the 1960s as a muscle massager by the well-known Hitachi company. It’s use a sexual tool was then realized when it hit the American market during the sexual revolution of the 1970s. It quickly went from simple muscle massager to “the Rolls Royce of vibrators.”

Eventually, Hitachi became a bit weary of having its corporate name associated with a “sex toy.” They discontinued the product (oh the horrors!).

The product only left the market for a short time, though. Luckily, an enterprising company saw the commercial value in female orgasms and licensed the product from Hitachi. They agree to provide it under the name “Magic Wand Original” rather than “Hitachi Magic Wand.”

Since then, it has become the most popular vibrator on the market, the one most widely recommended by sex therapists, and one which is commonly mentioned and referenced in pop culture (i.e. Sex and the City): 

While the Japanese company’s name is no longer officially attached the product, the vibrator is essentially the same – if you get it from the right source. 

There are plenty of magic wand alternative brands, as well as low-quality knock-offs on the market. So if your desire is to purchase an original, make sure to get it from a legitimate source.

Does anyone else find it amusing that even though Hitachi wanted to distance itself from the product, the company is still largely synonymous with it’s vibrating “muscle massager”? 

Original Magic Wand Structure: The Details

The wand is about a foot in length and weighs in at a bit over a pound (about 1.2lbs).

It may or may not seem intimidating at first depending on what other toys you’ve played with before…but be careful!

Other vibrators are basically the Wright Brother’s first attempt at flying, while this thing is the Concord – which was crazy powerful but discontinued (mostly due to how expensive it was but also due to how freaking loud it was…more on that later).

In other words, take heed before you are going to put this onto your most delicate of regions.

The vibrating head is about the size of a tennis ball, although it isn’t a perfect sphere. It’s about 2 inches by 2.5 inches, with a circumference of 7.5 inches.

It is nearly entirely made of plastic with the exception of a metal strip. The head is made of firm vinyl, so it doesn’t feel quite as flexibly as some other vibrators.

Let’s be blunt – this isn’t the most cute or feminine looking vibrator out there. There won’t be an unveiling involving pink ribbons. But that’s because it wasn’t originally designed to be a vibrator. The selling point here is the power – if you’re worried more about orgasms than the aesthetics, then this is probably for you.

Using the Magic Wand Original

The original magic wand (as in the initial design, not the new Hitachi-less brand name) is one that you have to plug into an outlet – like a toaster. So, that could provide some inconvenience, but the cord is about 6 feet long. so, you’d have to be really far away from the wall. So you can’t really use the original design wand to go frolic outside and please yourself.

Luckily, the new and improved design is cordless magic wand! So you could take it on the go with you if you so chose. But remember – it’s not exactly the quietest thing in the world.

Remember: As mentioned, the Hitachi Magic Wand was originally designed to be a muscle massager…so it’s meant to be used on the outside of your body as opposed to being inserted.

But if you’re feeling dangerous…to each their own…we don’t judge around here.

There are two settings on the vibrator – a low and high. For most women, the low setting is enough to reach a clitoral orgasm (or multiple orgasms).

In reality, even the low setting may be too intense for some women (especially if on your initial uses before you get accustomed to the vibrator’s strength).

If that’s the case for you, you can use it over your panties, pants, or even wrap it in a towel to dull down the strength. We want orgasms, not over-stimulation!

Wrapping it may also help in dulling down the noise…

There are some magic wand reviews that claim the noise it produces is extremely loud. While we don’t find it to be so loud that it’s worth complaining about, it certainly isn’t quiet either.

The below video can give you a good representation of both the physical aspects of the magic wand as well as the noise it produces when operation (around the 1:32 mark):

Because the vibrations are so powerful, you may also want to think about using some lube with this. Some women report the high setting being more torture than pleasure because of how strong it is.

So, definitely test this out on the low setting first. Consider being prepared with some lube. And be prepared that you may not be able to use the vibrator in direct contact (or maybe not at first anyway), so you may have to put something between the head and yourself to pad the contact.

The Magic Wand Original Vs New Cordless Wand

The original wand must be plugged into a wall for use. The new-and-improved cordless version is…well…cordless. That means it can be recharged and you don’t need to be near an outlet to use it.

It is also slightly larger (13 inches as opposed to 12 inches).

The Rechargeable also comes with a few more options in terms of actual usage. While the Original has 2 speed settings, the Rechargeable has a 4-speed selection switch.

It also comes with 4 different vibration patterns.

The Rechargeable is a bit more pricey than the Original, but you also get more options. It’s really up to you to decide which of the options is right for you (the simplicity of the Original may very well be more than enough for you…but maybe you want the extra options).

The Rechargeable also comes with a 1-year warranty through our preferred vendor.

Other Magic Wand Uses

It’s funny to think of this as an alternative use for the magic wand now…but it does serve quite well as an actual body massager. As in…if you have muscle pain or knots…you can use this to massage them out.

In fact, the original packaging actually showed the product’s use as just that: a massager:

Magic Wand Personal Massager


Beyond its uses as an actual massager and a clitoral vibrator, it’s actually one of the most versatile sex toys on the market.

There are all sorts of attachments you can purchase for the magic wand that allow for different textures, insertion (think g-spot stimulation), and even as a sex toy for men (don’t be greedy ladies!).

We’ll discuss a variety of different magic wand attachments in a future post.

Where to Buy the Magic Wand Original

While it’s hard to deny that the massager is great for alleviating sore back muscles, the truth is, at this point it is mostly regarded as a tool for sexual pleasure. And for good reason. You won’t find a more reliable vibrator than this.

This is why the Magic Wand has been imitated by many manufacturers. But if you want a sure thing, you want to pick it up from a reliable source that is selling the real, original, authentic vibrator.

We recommend Adam & Eve for two reasons:

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Magic Wand Original Cordless Magic Wand

Magic Wand Alternatives

While the Hitachi may have been the original wand massager, due to its popularity there are now countless alternatives. Some good…some not so much.

We’ve done some research and…let’s say…testing…

And came up with a few recommendations for alternatives to the original Hitachi magic wand vibrator that can still get the job done.

1. Adam & Eve Magic Massager

For our first alternative, we are going to stick with one of our preferred vendors: Adam & Eve. It’s obviously wonderful that they provide 25% off orders for our readers, but more importantly, they’re a legit, reliable business that sells legit, reliable products.

Coincidentally, even though they’re our preferred supplier of the original magic wand, they have a wand of their own that’s top-notch (perhaps one that is even better than the original).

The basic Adam & Eve massager quite resembles the Hitachi in both appearance and functionality. It has the same essential design (with the biggest difference being the red color as opposed to the blue) and also has dual speeds.

If you’re looking for the alternative that most closely resembles the original wand, this is the option to go for.

Adam & Eve have sold over 125,000 of these, receiving extremely high reviews.

Get yours from Adam & Eve Here (with 25% off for our readers)

2. Adam & Eve Magic Massager – Deluxe 8x

Adam and Eve magic massager deluxe 8xIf you’d like to go for an upgraded version, however, Adam & Eve have a “Deluxe 8x” massager model.

While the design is very similar to both the basic Adam & Eve massager and the original Hitachi massager, the functionality is certainly quite different.

Rather than a dual-mode setting, this deluxe edition massager has 8 vibration modes. That’s 4 time the fun :).

This is really the best vibrator on the market if you are looking for a wand-style vibrator. It has all of the benefits of the original, but more flexibility and options in terms of vibration modes.

It also has a ridiculous amount of reviews from some very, very satisfied customers.

Get yours from Adam & Eve Here (with 25% off for our readers)

For both of the previous alternatives, keep in mind that Adam & Eve offers 24/7 customer service and a guarantee with no-hassle 90 day returns.

3. Lulu 7+ Wand Massager

Lulu Wand MassagerFor the next alternative wand vibrator, we’re going to head on over to Amazon and take a look at the Lulu 7+ Personal Wand Massager.

There’s a lot to be said about packing a lot into a small package. This mini wand massager is powerful, made of great-feeling silicone, and has several speed options and 5 intensity levels.

For convenience, it offers USB charging, is a cordless vibrator (so you don’t have to be near an outlet), and actually remembers your last setting…in case your’e in a hurry.

This little vibrator packs a ton of convenience…and more importantly…power!

While the original Hitachi wand has been called the “Rolls Royce” of vibrators, one Amazon reviewer called the Lulu vibrator the “Ferrari” of vibrators.

Plus, this comes in a few different colors, so you aren’t limited to just one design.

This is an absolutely wonderful alternative if you’re seeking one, and you can pick one up on Amazon here >>

4. Shibari Mini Halo Wand Massager

Shibari mini halo vibratorRounding out our list of alternatives to the original Hitachi magic wand is the Shibari Mini Halo wand vibrator.

While Shibari does have the “My Wand” model that more closely resembles Hitachi’s original wand, we decided to pick this one as an alternative for a few reasons.

This is just different enough – both in terms of design and in terms of functionality – to make it a great alternative (after all, if you’re looking for an alternative you’re likely looking for something a bit different, right?).

The size and design of this vibrator more closely resembles the Lulu 7+ than the original Hitachi wand. It’s similarly on the smaller side, and has some convenient features like USB charging.

Here’s the thing that sets the Shibari Mini Halo apart: it has 20 different vibration functions! That makes this one the most versatile of the bunch that we’ve listed here. Of course, most of you wont’ need 20 different variations, you’ll likely hone in a one or a couple that you absolutely love (that being said, having 20 to explore gives you a bigger variety to choose from and find the settings you really enjoy).

You can get your a Shibari Mini Halo vibrator on Amazon here >>

Magic Wand FAQs

Is the Magic Wand Safe?

In short, yes…absolutely. That being said, this answer assumes that you’re not going to do anything stupid with it. Like any appliance that you plug into an outlet, you definitely don’t want to take this into the bathroom for some bathtub fun.

How do I know I’m buying an authentic Magic Wand Original?

The only way to be sure that the wand you are purchasing is authentic is to purchase it from a reliable seller. We were able to get a discount code for 25% off your entire order form Adam & Eve, which does sell authentic original wands.

Be very weary of marketplaces such as Amazon. There are tons of wands being sold that look like an original wand, but they are really just designed to mimic the design and coloring.

Is it suitable for older users?

Of course. In fact, if your’e an older user and are looking for some extra stimulation, this is the ideal product for you. The below image is a direct review of the wand from our preferred supplier’s site:

A review of the magic wand original from an elderly couple

How long is the cord to plug in the original wand?

The original wand has a cord that is 6ft long. That should be enough for most users. If you don’t think that will be enough, you can always buy extension cords or just swing for the updated cordless Magic Wand.

Our Final Thoughts About the Magic Wand Original (Formerly Known as the Hitachi)

There’s a reason the Hitachi Magic Wand Original has been deemed the “Rolls Royce of Vibrators.”

Although it may not be the most elegant (or cute) vibrator on the market, it’s certainly efficient…and it gets the job done!

If you’re after pleasure, as opposed to aesthetics, you could certainly do much worse than this classic.

Now, for the question at hand: is it the best vibrator in the world?

That’s hard to say. It comes down to personal preference, really. It’s very clear that you can certainly do worse. Although, we might actually prefer the Adam & Even Deluxe Vibrator (but to be honest, either will certainly get the job done).

Either way, if you’re trying to get the authentic thing, make sure to do it from a trusted source. And you might as well leverage our connections while you’re at it, and get yourself a 25% discount by shopping through the buttons below.

By the way, the 25% discount applies to your ENTIRE order, not just the Magic Wand massagers (so you can get a lot of shopping done at a discount). 

Magic Wand Original Cordless Magic Wand

Enjoy the vibrations!

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